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How Does a Military Compass Work?

In the realm of navigation and orientation, military compasses play a pivotal role. These little tools are designed to guide individuals through challenging terrains and unfamiliar landscapes, allowing them to find their way with precision. If you’ve ever wondered how to use a military compass or are curious about the mechanics behind these devices, you’re …

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Top 5 Movies About Pilots

Aviation has always ignited our imaginations, and the silver screen has brought us closer to the daring lives of pilots through thrilling movies. Let’s get ready to take flight into a world where the sky becomes an arena of breathtaking adventures and soaring dreams! We will explore the top 5 aviation movies that showcase the …

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Learn More About CYA and Its E6B

CYA Aviation was founded by Jason Zhao in 1995 and came to life with a desire to create the most innovative and need satisfying navigation equipment. Today, it’s a global brand that brings quality, accuracy, and reliability all together to users from various walks of life from around the world and helps them explore the …

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Women in Aviation

In August 1929, a group of female pilots decided to formalize their group at the Women’s Air Derby. They sent out an invitation to join their group on October 9, 1929, and held their first meeting on November 2nd, 1929 at Curtiss Field, Valley Stream, NY. The meeting was led by Amelia Earhart, who was …

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