Customizable Ruler Design & Produce Service

As a High-tech company in Shanghai China mainland, CYA’s R&D ability is highly recognized by experts in various industries. Many domestic and foreign companies commissioned CYA company design and produce types of professional navigation rulers. High-precision products and strong R&D ability are CYA’s core advantage. CYA company provide customizable professional rulers for Chinese Missle Forces, America Boeing Company and many other companies in aviation & military industry. Here just like to share some cases for your reference!

Case #1, Sea Navigation Scale Ruler

The Nautical Miles Scale Rulers are also essential tools for sea navigation. It requires high quality durable plastic material – Not soft flexible plastic, but strong rigid plastic and still not easily break during daily usage. The imprinting inks should be heat-cured, will not rub off or fade easily with normal field use. Rulers also include small hole for easy suspension.

Case #2, Military Custom Stencil

CYA got the oppotunity to manufacture a series military template stencils for Chinese Army in year 2018. These unique and professional stencils were required to be made with high quality plastic which will not break when folded in half. That was an urgent order for army training and needs order completed within 20 days including pre-production sample testing. CYA product team did a good job and accomplish this mission successfully!

Case #3, Nautical Miles Scale Ruler

CYA was asked to help develop and produce a whole set nautical miles rulers. To make the product unique and professional, CYA team worked closely with our client to understand their initial ideas, and make it into reality in time! The project was a great success and we got positive feedback from clients, now we are their long-term business partner and working on new projects all the time.

1 unit Short Ruler + 6 units Triangle Ruler ( 1:100,000 & 1:200,000 on one side, 1:250,000 & 1:500,000 on the other side )

Different functions on each triangle ruler: 18°30′, 19°40′, 21°30′, 22°00′, 22°30′, 22°50′.

CYA Aviation is a team of experienced professionals providing personalized navigation equipment for pilots in commercial and civil aviation, student pilots, outdoor hikers and military soldiers navigating through land, seas, and skies. We work together with our customers to bring some of the most exciting and accurate navigation supplies that we are proud of. We empower users to navigate freely and accurately around the world and help them grow toward their dreams. CYA Aviation strives to produce only high-quality and cost-effective products for its customers at its state-of-art manufacturing facility located in Shanghai. We envision becoming a leading supplier in the global industry. With our dedication and hard work, we look forward to inspiring customers with the quality products we produce and change people’s perception towards ‘Made in China’.

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