Flight Computer, Navigation Plotter & Kneeboards

When searching on Google or Amazon platforms, you can see many various of pilot supplies with different brands and designs. It is easy to buy an ideal tool at the best competitive price, as there are maybe hundreds of pilot shops available for your choice! As must to have tools for every student pilot, we can see the best selling items should be flight computers, navigation plotters, and kneeboards. When analysing the aviation industry a little bit more, you may know some well-known brand companies such as the Gleim, Jeppesen, and ASA, etc. All of them are respectable and brilliant leaders in this industry with long history.

Do you know who is the manufacturer ?

Flight computer, navigation plotter, and kneeboards

CYA Aviation company is a proud manufacturer of navigation equipment for the aviation industry, military soldiers, and hiking enthusiasts around the world ensuring a seamless navigation experience for everyone.

If you have any ideas to develop your own featured style pilot supplies, we CYA Aviation can be your solution to make initial idea into reality, our team is professional and experienced in manufacturing and getting things done in China, we work closely with you to understand your demands and expectations to develop solution that address the complex challenges in kinds of projects. Focus on every step during our cooperation including design, production, quality control, lead time and after sales service.

E6B Flight Computer

Learning aviation is NOT easy and always full of calculations and conversions, fuel to gallons, top of descent, ground speed, density altitudes, etc. When you become a real pilot and start flying solo, it is ok to use digital navigation tools for automatically calculation, but when study at flying school, you have to prove yourself first by using merchanical calculators – such as the E6-B flight computer, and plotter. This means you’re going to need both a flight computer and plotter. E6B flight computer can be used to calculate variables like density altitude, true airspeed, wind components, time, speed, distance parameters, and more.

Navigation Plotter

CYA featured lexan resin plastic Rotating plotter, Fixed Plotter and Enroute Plotters, will never warp, melt, or break in high temperature. Navigation plotters are always a must to have tool for cross country navigation purpose, it is one of the most important part to learn how to use plotters well for commercial and private pilot license training. Even if you have finished the local pilot training, you still need the flight navigation plotter in whole general flying progress.

Kneeboard Clipboard

As a pilot, you have clipboard, electronic devices, flying charts, flashlight, and pens to write with… it is a real challenge to keep things organized in the cockpit. An aviation kneeboard is a perfect solution to your cockpit organization needs, and CYA offers durable and high-quality kneeboards of VFR / IFR that are sure to fit your needs. From simple clipboards that strap to your knee to trifold models that can store nearly anything, CYA has the kneeboard that will best fit your kind of flying.

CYA Aviation Story

CYA Aviation was founded by Jason Zhao in 1995 and came to life with a desire to create the most innovative and need satisfying navigation equipment. Today, it’s a global brand that brings quality, accuracy, and reliability all together to users from various walks of life from around the world and helps them explore the world and realize dreams.

CYA Aviation started out small but with an ambitious vision, and a team of talented and gifted individuals at the time when there were only a few manufactures for aviation and military navigation equipment but none from Asia. This motivated the founder to start the journey with a vision to bring the most innovative navigation tools, maintain the highest quality and accuracy standards and become a proud manufacturer from China in the global industry. With our dedication and hard work, we managed to live up to our vision throughout all these years and successfully collaborated with many of the prestigious organizations including the US Air Force; when we partnered with them to develop air navigation devices. And The Boeing Company; when we teamed up with them to produce need satisfying flight computers for their pilots. We strive to turn ideas into reality with precision and perfection by deeply understanding customer requirements, and develop tools from formative stages of an idea and design to finished products using only certified materials.

Our Vision goes beyond bringing the best for our global users. We have a deep desire to help all our users to explore more of the world and get to their dreams and destinations seamlessly. For that purpose, we make use of the latest technology and adopt advanced production methods to produce the most accurate navigation tools that allow users to begin their exploration journey smoothly and accurately. As a result of the continuous efforts of our dedicated team and massive R&D investments, in over 25 years we have successfully produced countless navigation instruments and registered numerous international patents, proving our ability to modernize our industry with simply exceptional flight navigation solutions. Today, widely renowned as a Certified High-Tech Organization from China in the Global Flight Navigation Market and a leading brand within China, CYA firmly stays committed to exploring the future of civil and military navigation from its state-of-the-art innovation hub located at Asia’s financial center – Shanghai. And as we keep tracing ground-breaking business routes across the planet, we still believe that only the courage to transcend our physical and mental boundaries can lead us and our partners to increasingly valuable destinations, to lands of success that can be mapped and reached only with the right tools, only if you dare to fly high, to explore, to achieve.

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