Best CYA Flight Computer & Plotter for Pilots

Flight computer & Navigation plotter are always a perfect easy-to-use tool to simplify the flight planning, not only student pilots but also experienced aviators need them to find their true course and flight distance! Although the electronic flight computers are becoming much more popular over the past decades, many pilots still reply on a manual flight computer.

Navigation tools are helpful to calculate fuel usage, time enroute, wind correction, loading weights during a flight. To earn a private pilot license (PPL) in the United States, a student pilot must be able to plan a flight without the use of any digital or automated navigation tools.

So even if more an more aviators prefer to use electronic flight computers, it is still important to carry a manual flight computer in your flight bag all the time. Also as you know batteries might die in your electronic GPS but the manual flight computer will always function!

Let’s take a look at the CYA flight computer & plotters here!

CYA Plastic E6B flight computer and CRP-1 rotating plotter is highly recommended as one kit for student pilots!

CYA Circular E6-B and Rotating Azimuth Plotter are also a good choice for flying school students!

Fly with CYA, we are hoping to be your long-term trustable partner! Enjoy your journey!