How to Check the Remaining Fly Time ?

We know the E6B flight computer is always very useful and multi-purpose, pilot student can use if for computing time, speed, distance, altitude, true airspeed, and density altitude problems. Conversions, nautical and statute scales, etc. So how to use a flight computer to check the remaining fly time? This blog will show you details, similar like the calculation for speed, time, and distance, we can also use E6B flight computer for checking fuel consumption, fuel burned rate, and remaining time.

Its regular computations are:

  1. Remaining time = Fuel consumption / Fuel burned rate
  2. Fuel consumption = Fuel burned rate x Time
  3. Fuel burned rate = Fuel consumption / Time

For Example:

What is the remaining fly time with 60 gallons fuel, if the fuel burned rate is 9.5 gallons per hour?

  • Rotate the small disc to make the index points to 95 on the outer scale, as below image shows.
  • Locate number 60 on the outer scale;
  • Read jump cross to the inner scale as red arrow points, it means 6 hrs 20 minutes.

So the remaining fly time will be 6 hrs 20 minutes with 60 gallons fuel, if the fuel burned rate is 9.5 gallons per hour.

Below youtube performs a how-to-use instruction with CYA aluminum flight computer, hope it is helpful for you!

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