Plastic E6B Flight Computer for Pilots

Hey every aviation enthusiasts, do you still use machanical E6B flight computers? We understand you should got chance to use or see the aluminum style or paperboard version flight computer in the pilot shop or flying school, but I am sure you never see this full plastic E6B before! Here let’s see the details and find out more information about a flight computer ~

What does a flight computer do?

The flight computer can be used for not only calculating wind correction, fuel burn, time issues before takeoff, but also updating estimated time of arrival, ground speed, distance datas during flight.

What type computer should pilots carry for flying?

Every pilot needs preparing a flight computer in their backpack, while it might not look like a real computer as we use in normal days. The flight computer is a portable air navigation device which designed by Dalton in World War II, with a nick name of E6-B.

Do pilots still use machanical E6B?

Yes we know more an more aviators prefer to use electronic flight computers, but it is still important to carry a machanical flight computer in your flight bag all the time, and it is still used as a tool for flight training in most flying schools. Also as you know batteries might die in your electronic GPS but the manual flight computer will always function!

What can you calculate with an E6B?

The mechanical E6B flight computer has two sides: the calculator side, which is used to determine aircraft fuel burn, temperature and speed conversions, and time, speed, and distance calculations; and the windside, which a pilot uses to determine ground speed and wind correction angles.

The calculator side of the E6B flight computer

The front calculator side is a stable navigation platform combined with a small circular part, which is rotatable.
Numbers printed on the outside stable part are referred to as the outer scale, which is used for calculating ground speed, fuel, true altitude, distance, or true airspeed. Numbers printed on the rotary circular part are referred to as the inner scale, which is used for time, indicated airspeed, calibrated or indicated altitude, etc.
When check the rotary circular part printing in details, you can find number 60 has been replaced with an arrow icon, it is much more visible when pointing at the lines for knots or gallons per hour. It also includes three windows in the middle which is used for true altitude, true airspeed, and density altitude.

The wind side of the E6B flight computer

The wind side is combined with a rotatable part attached to the fram and a sliding rule.
You can use pencil to mark on the translucent part and easily see through it for checking informations on slide rule.
At the top of the frame is a large triangle in the center called the True Index.
A correction scale is shown in degrees left and right of the True Index. This scale can be used when applying the wind correction angle.
We have retained the name True Index because this term is the industry standard for flight computers.
We promote the use of magnetic wind directions and course values because many courses are flown directly to or from VORs. VOR compass roses are oriented to magnetic north; so, it is possible to obtain the magnetic course to or from a VOR directly from the chart without using a plotter.

This CYA brand plastic flight computer is an economical version of the aluminum model E6B with all the same features: compute time, speed, distance, altitude, true airspeed, and density altitude problems. Conversions, nautical and statute scales. It is perfect for your studies, and will last much longer than the traditional paper versions! CYA Aviation is a team of experienced professionals providing personalized navigation equipment for pilots in commercial and civil aviation, student pilots, outdoor hikers and military soldiers navigating through land, seas, and skies. We work together with our customers to bring some of the most exciting and accurate navigation supplies that we are proud of. We empower users to navigate freely and accurately around the world and help them grow toward their dreams.

CYA Aviation strives to produce only high-quality and cost-effective products for its customers at its state-of-art manufacturing facility located in Shanghai. We envision becoming a leading supplier in the global industry. With our dedication and hard work, we look forward to inspiring customers with the quality products we produce and change people’s perception towards ‘Made in China’.

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