CYA 8353 Military Map Marking Template Stencil

190x90mm easy-to-use stencil for military purpose.

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This Graph template stencil with military marking symbols is made with High quality plastic material. It comes in Orange Color With Transparent plastic made. It is High Quality and with durable structure with lightweight.
This Orange Color measuring template have very unique shape with more than 150 characters and Symbols Containing APP-6A Unit Icons (aviation, bridging, engineer, explosive ordnance disposal, infantry, medical, navy).
It is a perfect choice for beginners. It comes in 190x90mm sized tactical stencil with map marking symbols, it is very durable and high-quality material used in it. Our product includes high-quality Material and unique design.
Consists of scales in sides with 1:50000 ratio in km horizontally and in cm vertically for accurate and precise marking. Extensively used by NATO military forces and navigators to mark the map being measured.


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