CYA Cub Scout Map Compass

Magnifying viewer
Rotating compass housing
Luminous dials
Nylon lanyard included

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Cub scout compass camping gear kit will fit for girl scouts and boy scouts. Accurate field compass with lanyard for wilderness and other outdoor activities. Magnetic compass for kids is primarily for plotting routes on a map, pocket compass for orienteering is uses for an easy to use compass that does more than just point north.
Portable hiking compass bulk is an outstanding and accurate value for the ultralight hikers and day-trip walkers. Baseplate compass to 2 degrees and liquid filled compass. Plastic base plate compass is thick and to be durable. Motorcycle compass is great lightweight paracord strap. The numbers on the bezel hand held compass are easily read. Map compass with declination adjustment utilized during a travel, geological and to successfully determine location, take a hand bearing compass.


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