CYA Military Coordinate Scale and Protractor

5” × 5” flexible plastic military protractor.

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5” × 5” Military Style Coordinate Scale Protractor made by 1mm flexible plastic material.
3 scales: 1:25000 x 1km/1:250000 x 10km; 1:50000 x 1km; 1:100000 x 1km
Outer scale – Mils
Center scale – Degrees
Inner scale – Back Azimuths

This tool is equivalent to the Graphic Training Aid 5-2-12 Coordinate Scale and Protractor used by United States and NATO military forces around the world. The scale has three die cut triangles for access to mark the map being measured.
The inner protractor is marked in degrees and the outer protractor is in mils.


  1. TV

    I just got it and tested it for terrain orientation. A great tool!

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