CYA Military Rectangular Protractor

6 * 4 inch protractor with sandwich line printings.
Numbers never rub off.

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DURABLE: All printings & numbers inside the plastic ( 1.2 mm thick ), never rub off.
MULTI PURPOSE: Graduated in both degrees and mils, and with 1:25,000 – 1:50,000 and 1:100,000 scale maps in both meters and yards.
LONG LASTING: Durable plastic protractor will not yellow with age, and inks are sandwich line printing.
ACCURATE: Laser cut for high levels of accuracy to +/- 0.5 mm with central and offset string hole in center.

This R.A Rectangular Protractor is calibrated in both Degrees and Mils, Meters and Yards for greater versatility. Made from 1.2 mm thick plastic makes it very strong, waterproof, and both plastic and ink are UV stable for years of direct sun exposure. We CYA serve by bringing inspiring innovation through a wide range of precisely created navigation equipment for the aviation industry, military soldiers, and hiking enthusiasts around the world ensuring a seamless navigation experience for everyone. To thrive and inspire users by helping them explore more of the world with the most innovative, precise and quality navigation equipment.


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