CYA Navigation Fixed Plotter

Easy to use pilot navigation plotter.

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Constructed of premium quality material – guaranteed not to warp, melt or break in extreme environment.
13.25” long and includes 8 scales for use with all VFR aeronautical charts.
Easy conversions of Nautical and Statute miles. SECTIONAL 1: 500.000 ; WAC 1:1,000,000.
Use your plotter to determine the true course (TC), the total distance of your flight, and the distance between each checkpoint.

Accurately measure course lines
Plot intended flight course lines
Solve off-course problems
Determine bearings to and from
Plot true and magnetic north lines
Establish flight plan check points

A Sectional chart side and a WAC chart side
Nautical side and Statue side
Opaque white backgrounds for easier reading of scales
Top/bottom graduations for statute and nautical scales


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