Navigation Parallel Ruler

Easy-to-use parallel ruler for reading of charts while plotting
40cm & 16” ruler ideal for artists, designers, architects, engineers

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This Parallel Ruler is your essential tool for precise navigation on nautical charts. Made from extra strong, crystal-clear acrylic, it ensures accurate course-plotting and smooth bearing transfer. The strong plastic links provide perfect tension, while the transparent finish allows you to see the chart beneath. With non-skid pads and non-magnetic parts, it’s stable and reliable. Split in half and joined by durable pivot points, strong material arms, and metal handles, it’s designed for lasting use.

How to Use:

1. Draw Course: Connect your position and destination on the chart with a line.

2. Align and Walk: Align the ruler with this line and walk it to the nearest compass rose, aligning the edge through the center.

3. Read Direction: Read the direction in degrees true north from the outer circle or magnetic from the inner circle.



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