Tools for MGRS, UTM Coordinate Scale

CYA company is a team of experienced professionals providing personalized navigation equipment for pilots in commercial and civil aviation, student pilots, outdoor hikers and military soldiers navigating through land, seas, and skies. We work together with our customers to bring some of the most exciting and accurate navigation supplies that we are proud of. We empower users to navigate freely and accurately around the world and help them grow toward their dreams.

Grid Style Tools

It is easy and quick to learn how to use a grid style tool, which is also perfect for beginners. The grid lines printed on protractor divides it into a 10 by 10 grid, numbers shows 0 to 9 from north to south and from east to west. CYA MP-7 protractor is an easy to use grid tool that divides a 1 kilometer grid square into 100 meter squares. Align the tool on the map grid and read off the easting and northing values. The tool also has a compass rose protractor along the outside edge. The weak point of using this grid style protractor is we are unable to directly mark on the map before moving the protractor, and not so easy to locate a point with more precision.

Slot Style Tools

Why is the protractor east west numbered backwards?

This is a frequently asked question when people using the MP-8 protractor, it is a little bit difficult to understand but actually this slot style tool is still my favorite protractor. I can easily access the protractor’s slot to mark on the map and easy to keep parallel to the grid lines. It help me to be as accuracy as it could reach during measuring process. For the question – the tool is used by sliding it across the east-west direction of the grid and reading the easting value at the west edge of the grid. In this aspect, it is similar to a corner roamer. The northing is read through the vertical slot, with values increasing as you move to the north.

Grid Style Map Protractor
Slot Style Map Protractor

UTM – Universal Transverse Mercator

MP-9 ruler enables you to plot UTM coordinates to a 10 meter accuracy within a 1 kilometer grid square. The tool includes 2 distance rulers; one mile divided into 0.01 mile increments, and 3700 feet divided into 100 foot increments. The small size of this tool will allow you to keep it handy in your pocket or wallet. MP-10 is a pocket sized set of 3 UTM corner rulers for 1:24,000, 1:25,000, and 1:50,000 scale maps. The 1:24,000 and 1:25,000 corners allow you to divide a 1km map grid to a 10m precision. The 1:50,000 corner allows you to divide a 1km map grid to a 20m precision. The tool has a hole at the corner of each scale to allow for placing a mark on the map. There is also a hole in the center that allows a string to extend the compass rose.

UTM Slot Tool
UTM Corner Ruler

Ruler Style Tools

CYA military scale rulers are designed for plotting latitude & longitude coordinates. Numbers printed in meters or kilometers that can be used to measure UTM, MGRS, and USNG coordinates as well. All these scale rulers are made by lexan resin plastic, this material will never melt or warp in high temperature environment. Perfect for long time military outdoor hiking and daily training.

Why Choose CYA ?

A Passion to Create the Best with Rich Industry Experience

CYA team is run by aviation enthusiasts who make every effort to bring need satisfying and precisely created navigation tools for our users around the world. We have collaborated with many of the world’s renowned brands to deliver innovative and better quality navigation equipment for more than 25 years.

Committed to Bring Top Notch Quality – Cost Effectively

CYA team spends 25% of its revenue on R&D efforts to boost innovation output to meet and exceed rising customer expectations. Unlike most of our competitors, our dedicated in-house teams pay closer attention to all the production aspects from the R&D stage to design and manufacturing stages. We have registered various international patents proving the ability of our hardworking and genius people. With all these efforts, we make sure our customers get the best value for money.

Driven by A Desire to Help Users Realized Their Goals

At CYA, we are deeply in love with aviation and we love to fly high. We welcome all those who love aviation as much as we do, wish to explore the world of unlimited opportunities, and dare to fly high.

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