Why Do Planes Have Windows

For all airplane passengers, the first question we have to face with is the seat selecting during ticket booking process, window seat or aisle seat ? Many people prefer to sit aside the airplane window as it provides a great view to enjoy scenery outside, while there are also many passengers love aisle seat as it allow them go to other areas freely and no need to bother the people next to you frequently. So did you ever have such kind question like – what’s the function for those windows on airplane? As we know all airplane windows are sealed and you can never open it for fresh air. So why do planes have windows?

We understand almost every design in the airplane is for passengers’ safetly. So these windows’ basic function should be supporting passengers to see outside situation during airplane’s takeoff and landing process. If there is an emergency and all lights turn off inside the airplane, those windows would be the only way to let in enough light for passengers’ safely evacuate. Transparent windows are helpful for flight crew to check any danger outside if they are in an emergency. Natural light through windows will help passengers relieve stress when they are facing with urgent issues inside the airplane, it needs time to adjust eyes from dark cabin into the bright outdoors. Lastly, passengers are also able to break the windows for life saving during an urgent evacuation.

Why We Need Put the Shades Up During Takeoff & Landing ?

The takeoff and landing is the periods which most likely occur an accident due to unexpected turbulent or runway conditions, communication errors, etc. That’s why the flight attendants will ask every passengers to put the shades up during the period of either takeoff or landing, and it will also help them to know conditions outside in the shortest time if there is anything unexpected happen. It will also give passengers time to adjust their eye and body condition from cabin lighting to outdoor lighting.

Is There Any Psychological Benefit from these Windows ?

It is definitely a great invention for passengers who are afraid of flying or suffering from claustrophobia, they will feel better and comfortable when looking outside through this small piece of glass even if they know they can not open it. Maybe you are wondering whether it is also a good idea to use electronic screen as an alternative choice for physical windows, actually it is not as safe as normal windows and passengers would be very aware of its distinction although they are similar from outside looking.

The More Windows Added, The Lighter Airplane Will Be ?

We know for any objects, the lighter it can be, the faster it will go. Same to the airplane, engineers are finding various of ways to decrease airplane’s weight to make sure it can fly faster and faster. The windows are surely lightweight, so can we add more windows on the airplane to make it more efficient? Unfortunately, the answer is NO.

The window glass are truely not heavy, but the structure around it is much heavier than other parts of the fuselage. Those metal accessories around the window has to support for both glass and pressure inside the airplane. We can not even make the window with big size as it will easily break due to pressure issues; We either can not arbitrarily make the window with any shapes we like, except round shape. Other strange shape windows are all with vulnerable edge which will break easily, round shape window is the most effiecient at maintaining pressure and structural integrity.

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